What is cryptocurrency mining?


Cryptocurrency mining is the process by which new units of currency are put on the market, in exchange for which users must confirm transactions and add them to a blockchain.

This system encourages users to continually update and secure the network, in exchange for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can mine, but it doesn't always pay off. Depending on the currency mined, the capabilities of your computer, and the electricity used, you may or may not mine profitably.

In the case of Bitcoin, mining is a real lottery. Any company or person wishing to mine cryptocurrency will have to take part in a race in order to resolve a special code as quickly as possible, which will confirm the transaction and update the blockchain with many details. The winner will then get Bitcoins.

How to invest in cryptocurrency?
Today, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency on exchange sites like Binance, Coinbase Exchange, or Huobi Global. Many of these platforms charge fees (which can reduce your profits!) For transactions.

You can buy some cryptocurrencies with Euros and others only with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, for example, offers you these two options. To start trading cryptocurrency, create an account on a trading platform. You can then buy cryptocurrencies with real money.

Some platforms provide a "custodial" wallet, which does not allow obtaining private keys, to store your purchases and currency exchanges. Note: in most cases, the platform holds the private keys of the wallet. So make sure you do a secure exchange if you plan to store your cryptocurrency in such a wallet.

Is investing in cryptocurrency risky?
Yes. Very risky.
If you invest in a single cryptocurrency, the risk is concentrated there. To reduce it, you can buy a portfolio of different cryptocurrencies through an exchange-traded fund (ETF). You will then be able to invest in different currencies, although the process is not always "safe". The entire cryptocurrency ecosystem is volatile and not a safe bet in the long run. So think carefully before investing all your savings in it.

Why is cryptocurrency so successful?
Everyone is drawn to cryptocurrencies for different reasons, but these also have their share of skeptics. Here are some reasons to better understand the rise in popularity of these currencies:

No fees
Part of the key to the success of cryptocurrencies is the relative lack of fees. Compared to traditional bank fees, cryptocurrency fees are lower since there is no central authority to handle transactions.

The availability and speed of transactions contribute to this attraction. Transactions can be completed 
in just a few minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There are no restrictions on open
ing or third party processing. 
Blockchain technology is the system that issues many cryptocurrencies and makes it difficult to modify transactional data entered in the system. It is this security feature that has led to the increase in demand.

Without human intervention, the risk of error is reduced as the computer network trusts the information passed into the database.

Lack of government involvement
The lack of regulation by governments is also a positive point in the eyes of some users. Different cryptocurrencies can then be considered to be more stable and less risky if a particular region of the world experiences upheaval.

Speculative profitability
Last but not least, cryptocurrency can generate profits. The cryptocurrency market is very active and, since banks are investing in projects to adopt blockchain technology, it can easily be said that the presence of crypto currencies in the financial landscape will continue to grow stronger.


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