Best crypto platform (2022): comparison of reliable exchanges


If you want to invest, buy and trade cryptocurrency, you are bound to need to use a specialized platform or what is called an exchange. This type of site works exactly like an online broker to buy stocks on the stock market. It is thanks to them that you will be able to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano, BNB, Ripple and plus encore.

To avoid pitfalls and possible disappointment, we are going to tell you what the best crypto platforms of 2022 are for us. To carry out such a comparison and ranking, we paid particular attention to aspects such as security , fees, features, cryptocurrencies offered for purchase, quality of interfaces and applications, but also ease of use.

Ranking of the best crypto platform in 2022:


Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets. Buying, investing and trading crypto remains a risky practice. So stay alert and only invest money you are prepared to lose.

The best sites and exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies

It’s time to present our selection for the best crypto platform of 2022. To make the most accurate comparison possible, our teams have taken the time to test all the players on the market. Our goal with this ranking is to save you from wasting time and especially from going through a crypto-currency exchange site that is not up to par.

You will therefore find the crème de la crème. We invite you without further delay to discover which is the best platform in 2022 to invest in crypto.

1 – eToro, the best crypto trading platform
After extensive research, tests and comparisons, we are of the opinion that eToro is the best platform for investing in cryptocurrencies.

It excels in most aspects that are important to consider: security, regulation, choice of assets, but also simplicity.

We offer you a presentation of the main advantages of eToro. To find our complete analysis of the platform, consider taking a look at our eToro review and test.

An intuitive interface and application
eToro wants to be one or even the simplest crypto trading platform to use. After being able to test it for a long time, we confirm that this is really the case. To start but also to trade in a more “serious” way, eToro is truly the best site.

Everything is made for you to find your way around easily, from the registration process to the purchase of crypto-currencies. You can also find an overview of the eToro web interface with the screenshot below.

eToro is not limited to a web interface. To climb to the top of this ranking of the best crypto platform, it had to offer an application. And that is indeed the case. The latter is in line with its website: simple to understand and pleasant to use.

You can buy, sell, trade, monitor prices, or view the status of your portfolio.

These are not the only features offered. eToro stands out from the competition with a copy trading function as well as social trading. It is these two features that have made its reputation and justify its worldwide success.

Thanks to copy trading, it will be possible to take the same trades as the most successful investors on eToro. While with the concept of social trading, you will have the opportunity to exchange and compare your opinion with that of other investors.

A wide variety of cryptocurrencies (in addition to other products)
If eToro is for us the best platform to invest in crypto-currencies, it is because it offers a lot of assets. You will find a total of more than thirty different crypto-assets. This number is constantly changing as eToro regularly adds new cryptocurrencies.

At the moment you will find in any case the most sought-after crypto-assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, BNB, Uniswap, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin…

Unlike ZenGo (which we will present to you in the rest of our 2022 comparison), eToro does not allow you to actually buy and own a crypto. Everything will be done through CFD (a contract for difference). The advantage is that from a security point of view, you do not risk having your investment stolen. But that’s not all. You will enjoy the same exposure as actually owning a crypto, plus simplicity.

With CFDs, you will also be able to apply leverage to all of your trades. Although this method is to be handled carefully for beginners, it can quickly multiply your gains. Be careful, on the contrary, the losses will be increased tenfold. In any case, even applying leverage, you will never lose more than your original investment.

Although this is not the subject here, it is worth pointing out that the eToro platform does not only allow investing in cryptocurrencies. You can also trade shares of international companies, ETFs, FX (Forex), as well as commodities. In this way it will be easy to consolidate all of your investments. The advantage is that you will not need to create accounts on various brokers in order to diversify.

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